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Logo design and corporate identity for Australian company Acrom by Percept Brand Designers Sydney.

Case Study

Logo Design & Corporate Identity by Brand Designers, Percept

PerceptBrand Designers, Sydney, were selected by this Australian company for a branding design and corporate identity project which included a corporate stationery package.

Percept are brand designers that developed an abstract logo design to form the basis of the branding and corporate identity, representing forward movement, direction and progression.

Brand designers, Percept, created the logo design for this Australian company using a layering of abstract shapes to create icon of an upwards pointing arrow and has been crafted so that it can also be seen as an uppercase A.

Acrom is a nationally accredited provider of work health and safety in Australia who specialise in first aid courses and CPR training, working at heights training, fire warden training and fire extinguisher training delivered by experienced professionals.

Percept are brand designers with specialist experience in this type of branding work.

With clients across Australia, in a diverse range of industries, including mining, construction, education, transport and retail, Acrom required a versatile logo design and corporate identity to represent their Melbourne company which would form the cornerstone of their brand identity design.

The Acrom corporate stationery design features round corners on the business cards complementing the curves in the icon. The overall look was created to represent a modern and fresh feeling whilst remaining strong and trustworthy in a corporate environment.

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