Percept created the corporate identity for Beltin Group. The design package included logo, corporate stationery, company profile and corporate website.

Case Study

Beltin Group is a consultancy firm specialising in risk and crisis management. They selected Percept to design their corporate identity package.

Beltin support their clients to respond to threats to business stability and growth and help them realise opportunity. They do this by building resilience through taking an integrated approach to risk management, compliance, safety, security, crisis management and business continuity.

Percept created a strong and professional corporate logo, where the icon represented Beltin Group’s ability to look at all aspects of a company, identifying areas at risk and developing strategies which protect those vulnerabilities.

Following on from the corporate logo design, Percept developed a suite of digital and printed branding material for Beltin Group.

Corporate stationery, training certificates, presentation folder, company profile brochure and website were all designed as part of their branding.

This professional corporate identity package provides consistency across all of the company’s communication and represents them as a trusted consultancy when dealing with their prospective clients.



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