Brand agency, Percept, help Swoop disrupt the telco scene with a bold, personality-packed, new brand identity.

Case Study

The Challenge

Brand agency, Percept, was engaged to create a brand identity solution for Swoop, formally Cirrus Communications, who provide reliable internet services to small to medium sized businesses.

Armed with the knowledge of their pride in excellent customer experience, the aim for brand agency, Percept, was to bring their brand identity to life in a confident, relatable, and direct way that disrupts the usually bland telco scene.

Swoop later joined forces with wholesale provider, Anycast Solutions and consumer-facing DCSI to broaden their wide range of effortless internet offerings. This meant that the new brand identity also had to be flexible enough to have its own overarching brand architecture, while still giving each sub-brand (Broadband, Business and Wholesale) its own unique charm.

The Solution

PerceptBrand Agency, expressed the company’s approach to excellent, but friendly customer service through a solid logo design with a hint of personality.

The brand identity features fresh, vibrant colours and contemporary typography. Percept used these elements in a bold, graphic way to reinforce Swoop’s confident personality and refusal to submit to traditional telco norms.

Language plays a huge role in the new brand identity, particularly for the consumer-facing sub-brands.

Percept is a brand agency with a strength in communication design. We came up with clever, relatable statements that address frustration and pain points that customers experience with other telcos. Leveraging this, the brand language used, focuses on Swoop’s ability to be that positive difference.

To support the tone of voice visually, bespoke hand-drawn illustrations were created to add that fun, engaging appeal for the consumer-facing sub-brands, while a more functional suite were created for the business and wholesale side.

The brand identity gives all sub-brands of Swoop a unified brand voice, while giving each its own unique appeal that speaks to its differing target audiences. The flexibility of the brand identity was conceptually highlighted in a variety of marketing collateral, including website design, posters, brochures, uniforms, vehicle livery and an app interface for customers and staff.

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