Blue Toro

Franchise Branding

Brand designer, Percept, was engaged for this Australian franchise branding project. Incorporating brand naming and brand positioning for the mobile mechanic company, including vehicle signage and uniforms, in order for their Sydney business to grow as a franchise model.

Case Study

Branding by Brand Designer, Percept – Franchise Branding / Brand Positioning / Brand Naming / Tagline / Graphic Design / Vehicle Signage / Uniforms / Video

The Challenge

Percept is a brand designer that specialises in branding. Percept was engaged to create franchise branding, including brand naming, brand positioning and full roll-out for a mobile mechanic company that began in Sydney, Australia.

The brief for brand designer, Percept, said that brand naming, franchise branding, vehicle signage and uniforms had to appeal to existing customers, potential new customers. It was also to attract quality mechanics to join the business as the business model relaunched as an Australian franchise.

As a branding expert, Percept felt it was important for the franchise branding to have a strong personality to ensure it stands out from the crowd.

Brand designer, Percept, developed the brand positioning strategy to establish the new franchise as a real, relevant and capable company that prides itself on a reputation of high quality service solutions and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Brand designer, Percept, created dynamic and engaging franchise branding for Blue Toro, beginning with the brand naming process. The reference to Blue is to reinforce the equity in their existing colour palette which the business was attached to. The word Toro (Spanish for bull) makes a personal connection to the owner’s heritage. The custom illustration of the bull, combined with the tagline ‘Your Car. Our Passion’ makes a visual impact that is memorable, emotional and it acts as a powerful brand promise.

Branding specialist, Percept, is the brand designer that worked on the roll-out for this franchise branding project, extended to marketing collateral, vehicle signage, uniforms, video animation and extensive brand guidelines for use by all the graphic design agencies that work with this growing franchise brand.

Since the development of the initial franchise branding, Blue Toro has built its franchise opportunities throughout Australia and New Zealand and extended their branding into other related areas such as mobile truck and racing mechanics, as well as racing sponsorship, which has also required new creative briefs for design agencies such as Percept, to work on, like vehicle signage.

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