BluePrint Medical

Brand Identity

Branding company, Percept, creates a brand identity design as the visual blueprint for an Australian medical recruitment startup.

Case Study

Australian Brand Identity Design by Branding Company, Percept

The Challenge

Branding specialist, Percept, was selected for this brand identity design project.

BluePrint Medical Pty Ltd is an Australian startup company in the Medical Recruitment sector. The founding partners have a wealth of experience in medical recruitment and wanted to establish BluePrint Medical as a more bespoke, flexible recruitment organisation than the bigger, stuffier players in the market. To do so, they needed the help of a company with expertise in branding such as Percept.

As a result, Sydney branding company, Percept, were commissioned to create a new brand identity that would position them as professional experts, while being simple and flexible enough to grow with their business.

The Solution

The brand identity design takes the DNA of blueprints and combines it with medical cues to create a simple, crafted icon. Paired with clean, sophisticated typography, the branding speaks strongly to a medical oriented market.

With market appropriateness in mind, the icon forms the basis of a visual language that gives the branding a distinctive and recognisable look, with a sophisticated and trustworthy feel.

To demonstrate the flexibility of the brand identity system, branding company, Percept, created various items of collateral that will be used by the new start-up company. This brings the brand identity to life and explores its practical potential across various executions in both print and digital spaces.

If you need help with branding, Percept has the expertise you require.