Edland Group

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity design for Australian property development company by Sydney design agency, Percept.

Case Study

Corporate Identity Design by Design Agency, Percept

The Challenge

After having previously worked with this property development company, they re-approached Sydney design agency, Percept, to develop the corporate identity design for their company which specialises in new property development and the management of existing properties.

The Solution

To begin this corporate identity design project, design agency, Percept, created a strong, professional logo design to be easily recognised with a look and feel that was in line with the company’s values and positioning in the property development industry.

Percept, the design agency, created a corporate identity design package that effectively represents Edland Group in all situations. Establishing a bold and confident brand image that feels equally fitting when dealing with both their domestic and international clients alike.

This straight-forward corporate identity design project consisted of a logo design, which was then rolled-out to a stationery suite that the company uses for its brand communications.

If you are in need of a Sydney design agency for a similar brief, Percept would love to discuss your corporate identity design project.