Brand identity agency, Percept, develop a fun branding and communication design for new Australian daycare centre, Educoe, with an emphasis on learning naturally.

Case Study

Branding & Communication Design by Brand Identity Agency, Percept

The Challenge

Educoe is a new childcare centre in Australia. Sydney brand identity agency, Percept, were engaged for their branding and communication design. They desired something different, that would bring their vision of authentic Australian childhood learning to life.

Brand identity agency, Percept, wanted to create branding and communication design that would give Educoe the creditability and visual presence to engage with their target audience. It was important that the new branding reflected Educoe’s point of difference, ‘education through natural play’, and be soft enough to appeal to parents whilst maintaining a refined tone that represents professionalism and high education standards.

The Solution

Brand identity agency, Percept, recommended the use of a character in this new brand. At the centre of their branding and communication design, meet Koko the Koala – Educoe’s new mascot. Irresistibly sweet, he is iconic, adorable and absolutely Australian, making him the ideal choice to represent Educoe.

Hand-drawn keyline illustrations are utilised to professionalise and modernise the logo design, whilst the organic circles placed behind key elements add colour and fun. The circle device itself, is a nod to Aboriginal artwork and also has the feel of finger painting, which of course is also quite relevant.

Throughout this strategic branding and communication design project, a friendly and sophisticated colour palette is used. This help in setting Educoe apart from the more common primary colours that dominate the industry. Lowercase typography with bold, italic styling help to soften their brand identity and adds an approachable, welcoming look and feel. As part of the branding, the tagline, ‘learning naturally’ was created by the Percept brand identity agency, to position the strong education foundation with a nurturing approach to learning and it features throughout their communication design.

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