A suite of six dynamic logos that exists in an animated state. These sub-brand logo designs reflect the nature of the industry they are in, namely a dynamic and ever changing energy market.

Case Study

The Challenge

EnergyOne has a range of complex software applications for the energy wholesale market which had a disjointed brand profile. The goal for Percept on this sub-brand logo design project was to create a suite of identities that felt like they belonged together as a sub-set while also being part of the overall EnergyOne brand.

The Solution

In order for each sub-brand logo design to feel like it belonged a part of the brand suite, a flat matrix system was developed as a staring point. From this flat matrix system each sub-brand logo design finds its own form, representing that particular area of EnergyOne’s expertise.

Because every logo is made using this fundamental matrix system each logo looks and feels like it belongs to the suite, while still being unique enough to represent the particular area of expertise under the mother-brand of EnergyOne.

Each of these sub-brand logo designs has an identity of its own and this becomes very clear when they are brought to life when they are animated. These animations reflect the dynamic nature of energy itself and the industry they are in.



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