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Gobblers Poultry came to Percept for rebranding design, packaging, marketing collateral and website. They wanted to appeal to food service and retail customers.

Case Study

Rebranding Design / Packaging / Marketing / Website

The Challenge

Gobblers, a supplier of poultry products, engaged Sydney creative agency Percept for their rebranding design. We were to create a new brand identity for each of its divisions; Gobblers Group, Food Ingredients, Cold Storage and Poultry as well as provide design solutions for their packaging, marketing collateral and website.

The challenge of this rebranding design project, was to create a family of brands that have a strong visual bond and establish the Gobblers name as a large and trusted provider to varied industries.

The Solution

Colour variants across each division allow differentiation while maintaining a strong bond with the parent and sub logos. The detail in the G and B’s of the group logo is a unique touch which adds energy and personality.

Gobblers Poultry maintains strong visual ties to the rest of the suite while satisfying the more premium, retail consumer link. This premium brand look and feel has also applied across their packaging, marketing collateral and website design.

The Gobblers Poultry service section utilises branding of each area of service, incorporating imagery and features to create a modern and visually engaging experience.

The website design is modern and corporate, also using imagery to establish familiarity and connection to the services of Gobblers Group.

Gobblers were impressed with the outcome of the rebranding design project by Percept, noting that their new brand identity design effectively communicated their food service and retail offerings. They report that its had a positive influence on their business since, as it is now positioned appropriately.



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