Brand identity and stationery design for NSW electrical sub-transmission and distribution contractors Gremalco.

Case Study

The Challenge

Gremalco Pty Ltd is one of the largest electrical sub-transmission and distribution contractors in NSW, primarily engaged in the delivery of electrical infrastructure, refurbishments and upgrades to existing infrastructure and asset re-locations.

Percept was approached by Gremalco to redesign their brand identity after identifying that their existing look was underachieving and did not visually reflect the full capabilities of the company.

The brand identity and stationery design had to adequately reflect the services offered by Gremalco whilst maintaining the personality, heritage and equity of the original brandmark.

The Solution

Percept Brand Design created an identity that challenges the traditional brands in the industry and ensures Gremalco stands out as a market leader.

A geometric diamond was created that contemporises the original keyline diamond logomark. The mark creates a dynamic form that reflects the forward thinking nature of the company. Multifaceted, the shape reflects the varied services offered by Gremalco.

Truly revolutionising the original mark with colour, the gradient is bursting with vitality and energy, the blue tones feel refined and innovative. Subtly, the tones help to convey the services provided by Gremalco, i.e. above ground – sky blue, below ground – ocean blue.