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Corporate Identity Package

Corporate identity package design for a construction company, including logo design, stationery, website and signage by Percept Brand Design in Sydney.

Case Study

Corporate Identity Package Design

Percept specialise in corporate identity package design.

Insight Building is a Sydney based development company that prides itself on high quality, professional building and design services.

They came to Percept to create a corporate identity package that visually represented them in the most professional light within a very crowded industry.

With a fresh and modern colour palette, Percept began this corporate identity project by creating a logo design which allows Insight to stand out from their competitors. The logo design is bold and strong while remaining corporate in appeal and clean in style. It symbolises many things including precision, positive transformations and the journey through a building and development project.

The logo design created the basis of a style that was then rolled out to their corporate identity package of stationery (including business cards and letterhead), uniforms, company website, vehicle and site signage

Together, these items combine to create a succinct and memorable identity that stands out in the construction industry.

Insight Building were very happy with the results of their corporate identity, which has resulted in an increase in brand awareness and a huge spike in new business enquiries.

If you are interested in having a corporate identity package designed by a professional company in Sydney, contact us today. Percept would love the opportunity to work with you.



Corporate Identity Package Design

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