Interpod Offsite

Branding Design

Brand designers, Percept, created this branding design for a revolutionary building and development concept. The deliverables of the branding design was; a logo and branding package, including corporate stationery, company brochure and website design.

Case Study

Branding Design by Brand Designers, Percept

Brand designers, Percept, were hired for this branding design project. The assignment for Percept’s brand designers, was to begin the branding package with the logo design which shows a variety of elements coming together before getting dropped into place. Brand designers, Percept, thought this adequately explains the primary idea behind our client’s business and it became the key element used in of all their branding design.

Interpod Offsite build repeatable bathrooms away from the building site for new developments such as unit blocks, hospitals and hotels.

Interpod selected Percept from their shortlist of brand designers for their logo and branding package which included logo design, company stationery, brochure design and website design.

Percept’s brand designers kicked off with the logo design which forms the cornerstone of this branding design package. Whilst offsite bathroom building is popular in Europe, it is a relatively new idea within the industry here in Australia. As a result the strategic branding decision was made to ensure the brand designers of Percept visually referred to what the client’s business did.

The branding design was also intended to show that they were a dynamic and forward-thinking company, at the leading edge of the industry here in Australia.

This thread was then continued through the branding design of their company stationery which is quite modern in feel. We felt this was important because the target audience for this product are architects and they tend to be attracted to contemporary design aesthetics.

The brochure design was the next, with the intent of appealing to the design savvy architects. We wanted to show them that rather than compromise on quality, this bathroom pod system would actually provide a better result which will save time, cost and wastage.

The last element of the branding package was the development of their new website design. The purpose was similar to the brochure design, whilst allowing the user to easily access more information and lead them to a sales enquiry form.

The end result of the branding design that Percept’s brand designers delivered, was that all items formed a cohesive visual identity system that effectively represents Interpod Offsite in a way that best connects with their target audience.