Corporate identity design consultancy and marketing collateral design for North Sydney IT company.

Case Study

MCR are an IT services provider in North Sydney offering business partnerships in the form of consultation, sourcing and implementation of technical services.

Percept were commissioned as their corporate identity design consultants in regards to their company logo and marketing collateral design.

This identity project began with a redesign of their existing brand image that was not working as well as it could.

We simplified and sophisticated the logo with a view to strengthening the way it would work not just as a stand alone logo, but in a corporate identity system that would also include a wide range of marketing collateral.

As well as redesigning their corporate logo and stationery suite, their marketing collateral included the design of a presentation folder, corporate overview, product brochure and website design for the consultants.

These North Sydney consultants present varying information depending on a customer’s needs and needed their package to be flexible.

We intended to give all presented material a common thread and came up with a folder that introduces the corporate colour panelling system which essentially brands all MCR printed communications.

The folder itself houses documentation of different shapes and sizes that are cohesive in their look.

Once we had decided on the corporate colour panelling system to brand all MCR print communication, we needed a way to clearly distinguish one brochure from another. Our solution was to use photography to achieve this as well as encapsulate visually what the content was all about.

The website was then designed to fit with the rest of the printed marketing collateral.

Being a large organisation in North Sydney, MCR required a vast range of elements to make up their office stationery suite. Slick and corporate was what the design brief required and it shows in the clean and sophisticated end result.

Business cards, letterheads, followers, with compliments slips and envelopes were designed and printed. Consistently branding all elements with the new corporate identity design.