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Sydney branding agency, Percept, were engaged for this logo and brand refresh project as part of the NSW Government's preferred suppliers panel for graphic design services.

Case Study

Logo, Branding & Graphic Design

The Challenge

The People Matter Employee Survey is a Government funded initiative run by the NSW Public Service Commission. Launched in 2012, the brand had entered its eighth year and a refresh was required to stay current and appeal to the wide audience it interacts with. It was at this stage Percept were engaged for this logo, branding and graphic design assignment.

As the survey is not compulsory, the brand must have an engaging and recognisable logo and branding with support of a welcoming tone of voice in its communications and a graphic design style to encourage user participation. Longevity is a key factor so it’s important that the brand has the potential to be used for the next 3-5 years, while representing the purpose of the survey and the thousands of people behind NSW Government Agencies.

The Solution

As a branding and graphic design agency listed on the NSW Government preferred suppliers panel, Percept were engaged to give the People Matter logo, branding and graphic design a fresh new lift while keeping the integrity of the existing look and feel.

The new logo design incorporates a softer approach with a nod to the digital aspect of the survey, visually encouraging viewers to click and engage. Hand-drawn icons are utilised to visually communicate the people focused nature of the survey where ‘people are at the heart’. This adds a friendly touch that is inviting and engaging for all potential participants.

Due to the nature of this branding and graphic design project and its need to cater to all, consideration was given to colour, font compliance and legibility at all sizes. The new logo design and branding was rolled out to a wide range of branding assets for print and digital.



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