Branding Design

Selected from Sydney branding agencies, Percept enjoyed working with Relyon Constructions on brand strategy, positioning, branding design and then onto a full roll-out.

Case Study

Branding Design for Relyon Constructions by Percept Branding Agencies

The Challenge

Among the top branding agencies in Sydney, Percept were appointed by Relyon Constructions for their branding design. They were assessing branding agencies, seeking help with brand strategy, positioning, branding design and roll-out. Due to demonstrated experience with other building, development and constructions companies for branding design, Percept were selected over the other branding agencies for the job.

Relyon Constructions has been in operation for the last 18 years delivering high quality projects in both residential and commercial construction sectors.

The construction business had identified an opportunity to pursue more commercial contracts, however in order to do so they were required work on their brand strategy to position themselves more effectively.

After searching Sydney branding agencies, Percept were engaged to develop the new brand strategy and branding design system. It was to be distinctive and own-able, providing the construction company an edge over their competition.

The Solution

Branding agencies such as Percept believe in high quality branding design. In order to make a significant impact on a business, we involve the company’s key stakeholders in a brand workshop for their invaluable insight and experience. We find this in-depth approach is where the best discoveries are made. This provides the foundations that make for great outcomes.

Following the brand workshop, Percept developed a simple messaging concept derived from the core of Relyon’s offering. “We Build The Places Where You Live/Work/Play” was the alternating message that drove the new branding design. We emphasised these three key areas by pairing the messaging with beautifully shot imagery that gave the brand life and personality.

We also developed a brand identity system that played on the idea of building blocks, representing Relyon’s proven experience in both large and small projects. This system features throughout the branding design and is made up of many different line drawing illustrations inspired by shapes and textures found on construction sites. These line drawings in turn formed a Relyon ‘universe’ that was instantly recognisable and uniquely adaptable to any touch point that was required.

As part of this branding design project, Percept rolled out the new identity to a wide variety of print and digital marketing collateral including a website design, company stationery, vehicle signage, document templates and uniforms.

If you want to improve your visual identity and are looking at branding agencies, Percept are here to help. Contact us to start the conversation.