Easily digestible and visually engaging new branding for The Gut Health Dietitian by Sydney brand designers, Percept.

Case Study

Branding by Brand Designers, Percept

The Challenge

Driven by a strong passion for helping people to better support their health and wellbeing, ‘The Good Nutrition Co.’ was founded in 2012. With growing gut health queries, an opportunity was discovered for a new business, being ‘The Gut Health Dietitian’ (TGHD).

This new offering will provide a range of nutrition plans catering to a range of gut health related problems.

The brand designers of Sydney design agency, Percept, were selected to create strong and distinct branding that goes beyond just a logo design. Relatable and exciting branding was required to set TGHD apart.

The challenge was how to address the sensitive and personal issue of ‘Gut Health’ in a digestible (pun intended!) way that is smart, appealing and visually engaging.

The Solution

Percept’s brand designers conducted an in-depth industry analysis as the first step of this branding project.

From the findings, a conversational and engaging tone of voice was created to differentiate the brand and infuse the equity of Nicole Dynan’s reputation and personality into all touch-points that the branding encompasses. This personality carries through into the flexible visual style across all printed and digital elements used to represent TGHD.

The letter ‘g’ has a fantastic shape that acts as a visual rhetoric for the human body and its intestines. The style is soft and friendly, using warm, natural colours with empowering imagery to create branding system with a credible and relatable look and feel.

The brand designers of design agency, Percept, envisioned how the new branding would work across various marketing material including business cards, posters and a website. The result is engaging modern branding that speaks confidently to its audience in all applications.