The Station Grocer

Brand Identity

Brand agency, Percept, created a fresh brand identity for a service co-op named The Station Grocer, located on the North Coast of NSW.

Case Study

Brand Identity

The Challenge

Brand agency, Percept, was selected for this brand identity design job due to expertise in branding.

Based in Northern NSW, The Station Grocer is a new service co-op offering a healthier alternative to food and fresh produce. Situated in a service station environment on a high-traffic road, the location was a vital point as the client wanted to capture a ‘hipster’ feel to appeal to holiday travellers and locals alike.

The Solution

PerceptBrand Agency in Sydney, created a modern, bespoke brand identity design that effectively captured the sunny and warm disposition of North Coast NSW. The colours sit effectively within the brand environment, complimenting both BP and Shell brands. A personal, organic touch was added through the handwritten typeface selected for the logo design.

A textured, chalkboard backdrop was recommended as part of the over-arching brand theme, forming a strong and recognisable visual. This brand identity was carried through to concepts for packaging design and potential materials for the co-op’s interior to highlight the effectiveness of the brand in execution.

Since the launch of The Station Grocer with the new brand identity design, the co-op has seen a large number of travellers and locals visiting daily to enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere.

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