Advertising Design

Creative agency, Percept, reaching out to new audiences with advertising design for mattress brand, 624.

Case Study

Advertising Design by Creative Agency, Percept

The Challenge

624 is a ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattress brand that felt a new medium was needed for cut through to potential customers. Due to the cluttered online advertising landscape, they engaged leading Sydney creative agency, Percept, to create quarter page and half page newspaper press ads to attract and reach a new audience. The advertising design had to be direct and attention grabbing, highlighting the price-point and benefits offered, which is why they selected Percept as their creative agency.

The Solution

For this advertising design project, creative agency Percept felt a direct, no-fuss headline would immediately communicates 624’s product offerings with emphasis on the ‘from Australia’ aspect. The bold claim ensures the press ads are noticed in a busy newspaper environment and are backed up with emphasis on ‘your guarantee’ for further peace-of-mind for the prospective customer.

The advertising design of these press ads is distinctly 624 branded with strong colour blocking, creating cut-through in a sometimes cluttered environment of ads and editorial. This also allowed for key information, such as the free pick-up and money-back guarantee, to be easily noticed and communicated to the audience, adding further weight to their proposition.

Likewise, the price-point is pulled out in a roundel for increased visibility, ensuring this selling-point is not missed. Specific benefits of 624’s offerings are supported by custom designed icons which clearly illustrate each point in an easy-to-understand way that is true to their branding.

Through careful consideration of content hierarchy and effective messaging, the advertising design clearly stands out within the busy newspaper environment and allow 624 to reach a mass audience in an engaging yet brand-conscious way.

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