Visual Communications

From Australian design agencies, Percept was hired for this visual communications project. It is a company profile design for leading suppliers of quality livestock, Australia's Livestock Exporters (ALE).

Case Study

Visual Communications Design by Percept Design Agencies

The Challenge

Selected from Australian design agencies, Percept was approached to create a visual communications piece in the form of a company profile design that would communicate the professional, high quality services that they provide.

Australia’s Livestock Exporters (ALE) are leading suppliers of high quality livestock to countries around the world, particularly throughout the Middle East and Asia.

ALE help clients source quality livestock from within Australia that best suits their needs, with a focus on dairy cattle. The visual communications design was to provide a clear outline of the operation and processes they undertake as a clear communication to all stakeholders involved.

With the client searching for top design agencies in Australia, Percept was chosen because they are one of the best.

The Solution

Percept is one of the design agencies with expertise in visual communications. The initial stage of this visual communications design project involved copywriting to determine a smooth flow of information that provides a concise summary of ALE’s services and capabilities while capturing their branding.

Ranked among the top design agencies, Percept added an Australian touch to the company profile design, utilising a careful selection of farmers and sunny, country imagery to set the scene of the quality Australia can produce. The visual communications depict the open lands being the perfect environment for breeding and raising disease-free livestock.

The landscape orientation of this company profile design, puts an emphasis on white space, and refined typography, reinforcing the reference to Australia while establishing a trustworthy, authentic look and feel with visual communications. Clean line-work icons were also created for visual support and quick visual communications.

The new company profile design effectively outlines the capabilities of ALE whilst promoting the Australian point-of-difference to speak to a primarily overseas audience.

If you have a visual communications project to discuss, and you’re shortlisting design agencies for this service, please reach out to Percept to start the conversation.