Seeking marketing design for print and digital promotional material, Alzheimer’s Australia approached Percept.

Case Study

Percept were asked to create a fresh look and feel for the print and digital marketing design of the Memory Walk & Jog event for Alzheimer’s Australia – a walking and running event aimed at raising funds and awareness for dementia.

Sydney based creative agency Percept, developed a marketing design concept that was visually appealing whilst adhering to the brand guidelines of the event. We then applied it to a variety of collateral, rolled out across all print and digital applications.

With a wide target audience, the branding, print and digital marketing design was to appeal to all ages, highlighting that the event caters for walkers and runners of all abilities and fitness levels.

All marketing collateral promotes it as a family friendly walking event as well as a serious and competitive running event.

The digital marketing includes a national website landing page which introduces the event and directs users through to the individual states for more specific information.

Percept also designed and developed the state specific NSW site, which carries through a consistent brand look and feel and includes multiple touch points for users to find their most suitable location and sign up to get involved.

The print marketing design includes posters, large format banners, flyers, entry forms and a multi page participant booklet.

The brand theme for the year is carried through all collateral, generating an overall energetic and fun feeling, with a focus on participant motivation and awareness for the event.

Percept created all print and digital marketing design to feature a strong call to action, prompting people to get involved and help make a difference for those suffering with dementia.

As a fund raising event for Alzheimer’s Australia, Percept are proud to be able to design marketing collateral for both digital and print that is effective in promoting such a worthy cause.

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