Information memorandum design for Australian company Deals Direct. Sydney's Percept developed the strategy, concept, design and layout for this prospectus style corporate document.

Case Study

Corporate document layout and prospectus design are strengths of Sydney design studio Percept.

We worked with Deals Direct in this case on their information memorandum to effectively communicate key information to potential partners.

We built on the existing Deals Direct brand image and colour palette but approached the document design with the idea of providing the reader with an engaging experience.

Special features such as a belly band that wraps the finished document and spot UV varnish on the cover, position this piece of print collateral to be more interesting than the average. It also invites the reader to interact and pay special attention to subtle design and content features.

Deals Direct and Beam Corp worked closely on the information for the content of the document and Percept was responsible for the design strategy.

The content is broken into sections where we have developed a visual theme that was based their corporate colours and a dry sense of humour that stemmed from the Deals Direct brand values.

The style of the graphs and text layout is designed to quickly communicate all the key information in a clear way that is easy to read in bite sized pieces.

We were also conscious to find a balance between making the experience enjoyable and ensuring the content remained credible on a corporate level that a prospectus style document design requires.

The feedback about the design and layout from the client has been extremely positive and the document has helped Deals Direct achieve their desired results.

Percept are based in Sydney and have proven expertise in corporate document layout and prospectus design. Please feel free to contact us if you have a similar project you’d like to discuss.