Marketing activation strategic design for Unilever Food Service Australia by Percept creative agency Sydney.

Case Study

Percept creative agency Sydney, were asked to develop a marketing activation strategic design which would help place Unilever products more prominently in the aged care sector.

Research for the strategic design found that many of the elderly suffer from malnutrition due to lack of appetite, inability to chew the food and lack of interest. Having partnered with Unilever for the strategic design of their marketing activations for many years, it was our job to help them inspire aged care facilities and their cooks.

The objective was to inject some new life and interest into their dishes with the use of Unilever products to combat malnutrition by making meal times a celebration of food.

We worked with the Unilever Food Solutions team on the strategic design of this marketing activation kit which was directly distributed to the cooks and chefs in aged care facilities.

The kit aims to help them reinvigorate their menus for their own sanity as well as for the more cultured taste buds of their newer generation of guests.

The main aim is to provide them with a toolkit which will help them improve meal times on many levels. It will also encourage more Unilever products to be used in the kitchen as a result.

The aim of this marketing activation design project was to provide cooks and chefs at aged care facilities a kit full of practical applications to improve the food experience for their guests.

A wide variety of topics are covered such as fighting malnutrition, themed menu nights, meal time games and how to save costs by achieving more yield from less product.

Ultimately it provides the professional cook with a very useful toolkit that they will actually utilise. The design strategy at the core of the marketing activation is that if they put these tips to use, Unilever should sell more product to the foodservice sector as a result because most of the suggested products are Unilever brands.

Sydney marketing communications and strategic graphic design company, Percept creative agency Sydney, helped make this activation a huge success by putting together some enticingly designed marketing collateral. This included a recipe and product brochure, themed menus, table talkers, posters and interactive recipe cards, tea conversation cards as well as supporting online marketing collateral. All of which would be used within these facilities by either the cooks or the elderly themselves.

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