Percept Brand Design is an effective creative agency in Sydney. Our focus is on strategic design solutions that achieve successful business results.


We understand that partnering with the right creative agency is an important choice which will influence the success of your business.

Considering how the agency’s work will actually perform, should be the key criteria in your decision making.

Percept Brand Design focus on smart strategy, combined with engaging creative, to help our client’s companies thrive!


Percept Brand Design are different to most Sydney creative agencies.

In a nutshell, we are thinking creatives who look to achieve commercial success for those who choose to engage us.

We enjoy working with our clients, advising them through the process and ultimately helping them undergo transformations that give them the edge over their competition.

It’s fair to say our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We remain focussed on this, ensuring they have a quality experience which is positive, happy and fruitful.

Our team is a rare blend of passionate, highly skilled people, who are easy to work with.

We’re an integrated creative agency who work across all disciplines, providing strategic branding, design and creative services under one roof. This saves time and money, but more importantly allows the understanding and cohesiveness that is important for the success of brands of today.

We care. As a mid-sized company, we’re efficient and attentive, whilst still possessing the high-end capabilities which enable us to deliver work that rivals the industry’s biggest names.

We also provide an obligation-free proposal before starting a project, so you know exactly what to expect before anything is commenced.

If you’re looking for the all-round package that is punching above its weight, look no further than Percept, we’d love to be your new creative agency!


Percept are a full-service creative agency offering the expertise required for total brand solutions.

We specialise in the four key graphic design areas of branding, packaging, visual communication and digital.

Over the best part of two decades, Percept have assembled an outstanding team. We’ve selected those with proven success in leading creative agencies, so each is an expert in their field.

The combined sum of these capabilities sees us produce work of the highest standard for some of Australia’s best known names.

A major strength is our diversity.

With a long history working across the spectrum of client and project types, it is likely we already have a good understanding of your industry.

This accumulated knowledge gives us a head-start and advantage in delivering successful work.



Consultation, strategy, design and delivery of full brand packages from identity, through to print collateral and website development.
View our branding work.


Brand positioning and development, on-pack graphic design, finished artwork and roll-out to full product range.
View our packaging design work.

Visual Communication

Communication strategy, clarification of messaging and call to action, graphic design for chosen execution, pre-press and print management.
View our communication design work.


Brand positioning and digital strategy, from website design and email marketing to online advertising campaigns through traditional and social media channels.
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Established in 1997, Percept have accumulated experience that is the envy of our industry. Over the years many have come and gone, yet we’ve grown steadily and are stronger today than ever before.

During our time we’ve learnt a lot, having the privilege to work on more than 8000 projects for over 900 satisfied clients.

This experience can’t be taught, it is built over time. It’s an asset of the highest value as it sets us apart from the rest, enabling us to produce work that is smarter and more effective every time.

Our experience benefits each of our clients and makes Percept a wise choice.


Percept are firm believers in effective design and that choosing the right creative agency will give a business the edge over its competitors.

We recognise the main reason that clients engage us is because they want to achieve tangible results for their business. This is what drives us. We are competitive people who want our clients to succeed.

Once companies begin working with us, we’re often told that we surpass their expectations. This feedback forms the basis of our reputation and leads to many new business opportunities which we are most thankful for.


When you work with Percept, it’s all about you.

We like to put ourselves in your shoes so that your goals are our goals.

We listen, because a true understanding is key to answering any brief. This, combined with our good judgement and interpretation skills, allows us to get things right the first time.

Our no hassle, helpful approach means the whole process is easy with a focus on satisfaction for everyone involved.

Percept like to build long lasting relationships based on respect and trust.

We’re here as your consulting partner, offering advice throughout the process. Our aim is to carry out your directions whilst sharing our experience and expert opinion to achieve the strongest solution for your company.

We understand business, we understand visual communication and we take the time to understand you.


We realise that as our client, you want life to be as easy as possible. You’d like to deal with awesome people that help everything run smoothly.

That’s why when recruiting the best talent, we also ensure they are can-do problem solvers who are just easy to get along with.

Our team take what we do seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, and it’s this attitude that makes Percept’s clients happy.


What makes us unique is not each of the points mentioned throughout this website, because many of these qualities can be found in our competitors too.

What really stands us apart is the sum of all these things. A combination that makes Percept Brand Design who we are. A well balanced package that you will not find anywhere else.

As a multi-discipline branding, design and creative agency in Sydney, Percept is a one-stop solution, offering the full range of creative services to help your business thrive!

We welcome any new brief because our on-site team have a combined experience spanning almost every project type and industry sector imaginable.


We’ll strive to do our best work yet on every new project.

We’ll care. All work we undertake will be treated as importantly as if it was for ourselves.

If we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it, and we will not let you down.



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I’ve dealt with many creative agencies in my career, but never one that is so responsive, efficient and professional.
They respond wonderfully to briefs from the big picture, down to the tiniest detail and their creative work has gone beyond our expectations.

Jenny Crocker – NSW Government.