As their preferred design agency in Sydney, Percept provide Initial with a wide range of printed and digital communications, from sales material to internal campaigns, to help their business perform efficiently.

Case Study

The Challenge

Initial is Rentokil Initial’s hygiene division.

Initial aims to work with its customers on making their workplaces healthier by increasing hygiene security via a range of services including sanitary disposal, hand soaps and sanitisers, air sanitisers and fragrances, toilet and urinal sanitisers and cleaners, and washroom paper dispensers.

The Solution

As their Sydney design agency Percept has partnered with Initial to produce a multitude of sales material as well as bespoke internal campaigns across printed and digital material for their internal and external customers.

Some communication design pieces need to be innovative in the way they display content so it is easily understood and digested in a short amount of time. We often use infographics and illustrations to present the messaging using visual tools combined with innovative design elements that give the audience the information they need.