Annual report design for Sydney local council.

Case Study

Percept Brand Design created this annual report to the community for this local council in Sydney’s inner west.

It answered the brief from the client which was to not make it look like an annual report design or typical local government correspondence.

They said residents in this eclectic Sydney area were more graphic design savvy than most and it was to be appealing enough for them to want to read it.

Our design solution was to create a broadsheet format that grew as it folded out and used this method to divide it into the topical sections covered in the content.

After the annual report design, Leichhardt Municipal Local Council worked with Sydney creative agency Percept on various information brochure designs for specific topics to be included in an information kit for current and potential residents.

We based the layout and graphic design of these information brochures on what we had done previously for the annual report.

The LMC newsletter is a quarterly publication that is distributed to their 27,000 residents. We were appointed to redesign its format and improve readership within the community.

After the annual report design, information brochures and newsletters, we worked with the Mayor and public relations department on a series of printed marketing communications, including activist posters and local community initiatives for Sydney’s inner west.

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