St. Basil’s

Annual Report Design

Brand agency, Percept, create a fresh, new take on the St. Basil's 2019–20 annual report design.

Case Study

Annual Report Design by Brand Agency, Percept

The Challenge

St Basil’s already had a working relationship with brand agency, Percept, for visual communication design projects, so engaging Percept for their annual report design was an easy choice.

Each year St. Basil’s NSW/ACT requires an Annual Report to communicate significant events, developments and plans covered over the past financial year, which is printed as well as being accessible online.

The challenge for the 2019–20 edition was striking a balance between the corporate identity and the warm, personable ‘Live Well’ aesthetic developed by brand agency, Percept.

The Solution

Brand agency, Percept, created a visually engaging annual report design. It is fresh and professional, highlighting St. Basil’s ‘stronger than ever’ attitude towards improving the aged care sector, internal processes and the measures taken with the unexpected COVID-19 challenge.

This annual report design features rich photography and softer, more organic shapes in an illustration style that adds a warm, personal touch. That feeling is reflected in the content with the sharing and celebration of individual stories. These add a human appeal to the professional corporate identity that gives it a voice unique to St. Basil’s.

Milestones and tangible statistics were presented visually through infographics that embodied the new look and feel. These infographics added a nice break in the content of the annual report design, ensuring readers are kept engaged as they move through the document.

The new annual report design has a warm, dynamic energy that reflects St. Basil’s people-centred approach to aged care. The work of brand agency, Percept, was well received by the internal team as it marked a significant step forward in the progression of the brand and company as a whole.

If you have an annual report design project and would like brand agency, Percept, to help, contact us to discuss your requirements.