Marketing Collateral Design

Communication design agency, Percept, let our feline friends do the talking in this marketing collateral design project for cat containment system, Oscillot.

Case Study

Marketing Collateral Design by Communication Design Agency, Percept

The Challenge

Oscillot is a revolutionary cat containment system which uses a series of rolling paddles mounted on fence-lines to counteract the kitty instinct to jump and climb. They were looking for a communication design agency, and hired Percept, to help with their marketing collateral design.

Realising their current marketing collateral design was inconsistent and confusing, Oscillot engaged communication design agency, Percept, to redefine their brand communications. It was important that the new look and feel of the marketing collateral design, not only demonstrated how Oscillot works, but also positioned it as a premium product, that is unique in the fact that it is the only one of its kind in the world.

The Solution

Communication design agency, Percept, know that cats are infamous for their characterful and humorous expressions – what better way to capture the essence of Oscillot than making them the face of the brand communications?

Engaging and playful, the constant lead-in, “I can’t get over the fence!”, creates a snapshot of what the product does while adding a fun and quirky touch that works perfectly with the careful selection of photography that features the cats’ expressions as the hero element.

The humorous spin, combined with friendly typography and organic shapes is personable and memorable. It makes for marketing collateral design that immediately captures the attention of the target audience and makes an emotive connection.

As part of the project, communication design agency, Percept, rolled out the new brand communications direction across signage, posters and a brochure design. A suite of quirky icons were also developed to visually support the content. The new look and feel elevates the perception of the brand’s marketing collateral, giving it a unique voice that speaks to customers looking for an innovative, safe and effective cat containment solution.


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