Graphic design for Australian fashion label, including advertising campaigns, logo designs, swing tags, point of sale and catalogue design by Percept in Sydney.

Case Study

SMP was a Sydney based international youth fashion brand with mass appeal within the surfwear market.

The branding of youth based street-wear was targeted at surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, moto-x riders and other extreme sports enthusiasts in Australia as well as those who aspired to that lifestyle.

Graphic design and brand image in this industry is far more flexible than in the corporate world and although there is a consistent brand identity, it changes from one year to another. With brand awareness extremely high in the fashion industry, consistency is not as important as a cool image. As a result, Sydney creative agency Percept, created a multitude of different logo designs and branding work over the years for SMP, both for the Australian and international markets.

Percept Brand Design worked with retainer and an open brief which was a refreshing way to approach the graphic design for their t-shirts. We produced hundreds of designs over many years and the only prerequisite was to make them look cool.

Keeping a keen eye on the attitudes and motivations of their target market and guiding fashion trends rather than reacting to them was key to this success.

Percept also worked as their fashion catalogue designers. Responsible for creating all the print catalogues for the Australian sales and marketing team to promote each season’s apparel.

The catalogues are a tool integral to prosperity. The design must be creative, yet functional, to compete with the opposing fashion brands in an effort to win product orders from retail stores.

SMP initially approached us for our expertise and insight into the industry and this developed into a relationship lasting many years. The partnership was a real success and contributed to a sales growth in excess of 300% year on year.

As their creative agency, Sydney company Percept, worked with SMP to strategise their marketing and press advertising campaigns.

We decided that press ads in magazines for specialised sporting interests would be the most effective way to raise brand awareness and retain customer loyalty.

Many different advertising campaigns were designed depending on the season and the brand’s essence at that point in time. Graphic design and advertising for the youth market is ever-changing, especially in the fashion industry. We keep in touch of international trends ensuring that the creative work produced by our Sydney design studio is world class.

Large format posters are also designed as a tactical way to increase brand awareness. They are used both in store and as giveaways. Our strategy on all brand design was to feature sponsored riders doing the latest tricks. This gave the young people something to aspire to, creating a desire for the brand’s apparel and product.

Execution was always through street-wise design style making for an aesthetically appealing end product that would actually be hung on the wall.

In retail, there is another chance to get your brand noticed and that is at the point of sale.

When responsible for their POS design in Australia. A point of sale cube was created as a device to alert the consumer to the area of the store where their products could be located.

Swing tags were also designed for a variety of items, to brand individual products and ultimately branding different sections of stores. Practically, they also serve as a quick reference guide to sizes and prices. The strategy is that the easier the consumer experience, the easier the sale.

If you are interested in graphic design for your fashion brand, whether it be naming and logo design, right through to a creative advertising campaign, Percept is a design agency in Sydney who would love to discuss your project with you.