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Design agency, Percept, were approached by Mayo Hardware who were looking for a Sydney website design agency for BBQ Buddy, an Australian company that sells a range of barbeque products.

Case Study

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The Challenge

Design agency, Percept, were selected for this website design project. Mayo Hardware is an Australian owned company distributing a range of outdoor lifestyle, safety and security products through the retail, commercial and industrial channels. BBQ Buddy is an exclusive brand for Bunnings Australia and Bunnings New Zealand. Mayo Hardware were seeking a Sydney website design agency who knew their market and tasked design agency, Percept, with redesigning the BBQ Buddy website, wanting a fresh new look that would appeal to a wider audience and introduce inspirational images to better connect with today’s consumer.

The Solution

The idea of ‘occasions’ was the driving force behind the idea that Sydney website design agency, Percept, presented. This was depicted in large, inspirational images of families and groups using barbecue accessories in different situations in an effort to better connect with the target consumer. Appealing on an emotional level, the new website design focuses on the social side of barbecues and reinforces the idea that BBQ Buddy products are your best companion for all occasions where people socialise over a barbeque.

Percept is a design agency that believes in modern, responsive layout with clear navigation makes for a great user experience, whether the user is on a desktop or mobile device.

Taking the project beyond just a website design that functions as a product catalogue, Sydney website design agency, Percept, wanted to inject some more life into the brand. This was done in instances such as the country selection toggle, where the question is posed in more authentic language that you’d hear around a BBQ; Australia Please Mate, or, I’m a New Zealander Bro, adding a pinch of personality to the overall user experience.

If you are seeking a leading Sydney design agency, Percept would be keen to help you with your project.


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