Digital Design Agency

Cryosite partnered with digital design agency, Percept, for their website design and EDM design. We also work with them on an ongoing basis for their social media and digital advertising campaigns.

Case Study

Digital Design Agency – Website Design / EDM Design / Social Media Advertising Campaigns

The Challenge

Cryosite is a leading Australian cord blood and tissue banking company. They initially approached digital design agency, Percept, for their branding and communication design strategy, which was rolled-out to their printed marketing collateral.

Naturally, the next step was to assess and refine all their digital design and marketing communications efforts, which included the website design, EDM design and digital advertising campaigns through social media channels.

The Solution

Digital design agency, Percept, applied the new design look and feel from the print collateral that was decided upon in the branding and communication design strategy project. This ensured that the branding design was cohesive and consistent across all platforms, including digital design.

In addition to this, digital design agency Percept, created their new website design, EDM design and digital advertising campaigns. All were based on the creative branding and design strategy that Percept devised to best connect with their users and make the experience as seamless as possible in terms of education, sales and conversions.

The website design is comprehensive and an intuitive navigation system was of high importance.

The EDM design further bolsters the marketing communications cycle and keeps the constant touch-points open with both interested and active customers.

Social media advertising campaigns are also run on an ongoing basis. Each advertising campaign has a targeted audience, message and call to action. For example, an advertising campaign may be run specifically for expecting parents from a Chinese heritage in conjunction with Chinese New Year, or an incentive may be offered such as a store gift card for customers who refer a friend in order to increase brand awareness and therefore sales.

Digital design agency, Percept, is always welcome to new client enquiries. Feel free to contact us today, we’d love to discuss your project with you.