Alta Moda

Luxury Branding

After creating luxury branding for Grays eCommerce Group, Percept were asked to design their website and EDMs.

Case Study

Luxury Branding / Website Design / EDM Design

The Challenge

As one of Australia’s top online retailers, Grays eCommerce Group engaged Percept to create luxury branding for their lifestyle products under the name Alta Moda. The luxury branding was to be aimed at furniture buyers with expensive taste.

Specialising in hand-crafted Italian lounge suites, Alta Moda required a website design as part of the luxury branding project, which would act as an online catalogue, enabling users to select the style and colour they desired with the ability to click through to an online auction where they could bid for their selected product.

The Solution

After creating the luxury branding and designing the printed product catalogue, Percept worked on Alta Moda’s website. Naturally, it made sense for the website design to follow the look and feel of the printed catalogue. As such, a custom solution was devised with the minimalist aesthetic that we’d already established for the brand.

The luxury branding strategy was to ensure the website had a premium look and a designer feel, that focuses on aspirational photography, so the user would desire the product in their home. Percept conducted a photo shoot, styling six varied scenes, each featuring one of the beautiful lounge suites. We styled each shot with a high-end look in mind, prompting the viewer to imagine how one of these pieces would help transform their living space.

The website’s design has ease-of-use in mind, as it serves as an online catalogue where the user would navigate through the range and choose the lounge that meets their taste. The ability to select colour and size is also important, to ensure the customer can easily find just the right option to suit their needs. The website then launches the online auction system, so the customer can then bid for their desired model.

After the website was launched, we also created a series of EDMs to help Alta Moda’s email marketing efforts.