Creative agency Percept were engaged for brand development and online product catalogue website design Sydney for this Australian company.

Case Study

As one of Australia’s leading engineering suppliers, Australian based Cebeco, approached creative agency Percept to develop a high quality online product catalogue website design for their customers’ reference.

Beginning with their brand development, creative agency Percept set about designing a company identity that truly represented the quality of Cebeco’s product offering and service standards in Australia.

After our initial research, we planned a site structure for the online product catalogue website design project that would be clear and easy to use for Cebeco’s target market.

After we’d planned out the product catalogue website design structure, we supplied the client with wireframes to confirm the way the website worked and the content of each page. Once these were signed off, we then commenced the next phase as their digital design agency.

Digital design agency, Percept, had a main aim with this online product catalogue website design Sydney. It was to reflect the quality and professionalism of the company in an easy to navigate site that communicated clearly.

Website design options were shown at an early stage, and once the client chose their preferred direction, we then created the static artwork for the remaining pages of the product catalogue website for approval.

The next stage in the product catalogue website design was programming. This is where we actually developed the site and made it work. Then came the testing phase to ensure there were no bugs when viewed in the variety of browsers that an end-user could have.

Once everything had been cross-checked, the website design was launched and has since been very well received among its users, who can now easily view it as an online product catalogue and obtain accurate information on the item that they are interested in.

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