Branding Design

In need of branding design, Cryosite selected Percept for their brand communications, strategy, marketing design, website and digital advertising.

Case Study

Branding Design for Brand Communications / Marketing Design / Website / Digital Advertising

The Challenge

Percept are experts in branding design. Because of that fact, Cryosite appointed Percept for a brand communications review and branding design services.

Cryosite, an ASX listed company, are Australia’s first cord blood and stem cell bank. In addition to cord blood and tissue banking, Cryosite has recognised expertise within the industry, both within Australia and internationally. They worked with branding design agency, Percept, on their brand communications strategy and branding design roll-out to all marketing collateral.

Their divisions cover clinical trials, bio-repository and stem cell manufacturing products. Specialists in branding design, Percept were to reposition the brand communications, headlining the cord blood and tissue division of the company.

The Solution

After Percept analysed the branding design and conducting a workshop with Cryosite, we recommended an evaluation of the language style, tone of voice as well as a reassessment of their marketing collateral design as part of this brand communications strategy project.

Retaining brand equity was important, so we recommend keeping the established colour palette from the existing branding design and expanding with complementary additions. The branding design structure required a unified voice and clear message to be created in all sectors of the business’ brand communications.

Branding design experts, Percept, created a brand communications theme based on the concept ‘where science brings hope’. This combines the professional, confident nature of science with the positive emotion of hope. We combined this with photography that gives a feeling of honesty and transparency to the branding design. Block colour draws attention to the headlines while remaining approachable and non-threatening.

The brand communications messaging clearly establishes Cryosite’s position as the pioneers of Cord Blood in Australia. This direction is adapted to the B2B units with the same boldness and confidence.

The brand communications strategy project was comprehensive. Highly experienced in branding design, Percept rolled-out this new look and feel to their corporate stationery, marketing collateral design, website design and digital advertising which mainly focussed on social media channels.

If you need to improve your brand communications, Percept can help you with our branding design services.