Website Design Sydney

Ranked among the leading branding agencies, Percept was selected for this project. The brief was for a cool and contemporary branding and website design Sydney for a landscape design and construction company in Sydney's south.

Case Study

From Short-listed Branding Agencies, Percept were chosen for Branding & Website Design Sydney

Entrenched Landscapes and Design in southern Sydney, researched branding agencies and hired Percept for website design Sydney.

The task was to design and develop their new company branding and website design Sydney, as part of their overall rebranding project.

This branding and website design project has a contemporary feel and was created to have as much personality as possible.

Rather than a standard boxy, templated website design that most of their competitors have, they were asking branding agencies such as Percept for a solution that was similar to what they provide for their customers, which are custom, unique and tailored to each property.

Created from the actual qualities of the company itself, the brief for this branding and website design Sydney project was to develop an online presence that was modern and contemporary. It also needed to be cool, approachable and create a sense of ease.

Among Sydney’s top branding agencies, Percept created a solution for their branding and website design. The main idea was to draw inspiration from the creative side of this business, where dynamic design solutions are provided for high end, contemporary homes.

A cut and paste feel was applied to the website design layout to represent the creative process that goes into their designs. This also helps to break up the grid of the website design so it feels lighter and fresher than a traditional website and adds to the outdoor feel that the client was seeking.

Among the leading branding agencies, Percept incorporated professional photography of their previous projects to not only feel aspirational, but to demonstrate capability and credibility.

These were combined with isolated photographic elements as well as hand drawn illustrations that Percept – branding agencies created to build character, texture and layering into this website design Sydney.

The colour-ways used in this website design are bright, vivid, cool and exciting, designed to inspire and encourage potential clients to reimagine their garden space.

The typography style and layout used is clean and professional to position them as a highly professional outdoor architect and construction company.

Percept is one of the integrated branding agencies in Sydney. Beyond the branding and website design Sydney, the rebranding was also rolled-out to other graphic design deliverables which complete their marketing communications.

These items included logo design, business cards, letterheads, vehicle signage, site signs, advertising and printed brochures, which can be seen in the images above.

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