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Sydney interactive website designers Percept, were chosen by this leading Australian food producer and wholesaler to design their website with an element of fun.

Case Study

Interactive Website Design Sydney

Tropicana Banana are a family owned and operated company with nearly 40 years of experience in growing and selling bananas.

Not wanting a traditional, boxy and corporate looking site, Tropicana hand picked Percept for their variety of creative styles to develop this fun and interactive website design.

The interactive website design was to allow Tropicana to make their own updates to the content of the site using a CMS system, however this doesn’t mean that the website needed to look like a template site.

The fun and interactive website design features an animated visual representation of the banana growing process from farm to store and tells the story of a banana’s life from tree to you.

Tropicana use their site as an information resource for both corporate retail buyers as well as the end consumer themselves and of course banana eaters are of all ages so the site was to appeal to young and old alike.



Interactive Website Design Sydney

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