Olives From Spain

Website Design / EDM Design

Product promotional website design and EDM design for Spanish olives in Australia, by Sydney creative agency Percept.

Case Study

Website Design & EDM Design

Creative agency Percept were engaged by Stellar Concepts, a PR agency in Sydney, Australia, on behalf of Olives from Spain for a website design and EDM design that promoted their product, Spanish Olives, within Australia.

Using an inviting, modern and fresh approach, this product promotion website design and EDM design provides detailed information on buying, eating, cooking and the health benefits of Olives from Spain within Australia.

Spain is the world’s leading producer of olives which are considered by many to be the best. The country’s surprising variety of climates means that it produces olives with a huge diversity of flavours.

To supplement the website design, creative agency Percept created an EDM design which is sent by email as a monthly electronic newsletter.

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Website Design & EDM Design

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