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Singha beer promo microsite design by digital agency Percept in Sydney, features Twitter and Facebook social media campaign interaction.

Case Study

Promotional Microsite Design & Social Media Campaign

Singha Beer wanted a promotional microsite design and for it to be built in a way that made clever use of the social media campaign that is widely used and engaged with by their target demographic.

Singha worked with Stellar Concepts, a leading Sydney communications and PR agency to devise the SinghaBar concept.

Stellar then worked with Sydney digital design agency Percept, for the microsite design and its development which included interaction with popular social media networks such a Twitter and Facebook so it would interact with their social media campaign.

The microsite design features graphics influenced by Thai full moon parties as well as subtle interactive animation effects which should get the viewer in the party mood.

The microsite design also applies digital design techniques that are basic, yet effective. With the main aim to connect the social media campaign with influencers, invite them to sign up and build a following for participants in the promotion.

If you are interested in promotional website or microsite design with a social media campaign, contact Sydney digital design agency Percept today. We would love the opportunity to provide a proposal for your project.



Microsite Design & Social Media Campaign

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