Red Lantern Project

Website Design Agency

CMS website design for educational institution in China by Sydney brand designer and website design agency, Percept.

Case Study

Brand Designer, Percept is the Website Design Agency for this CMS Website Design

As a brand designer and digital design agency based in Sydney, Percept created and developed this website design for the Red Lantern Project which is an educational institution in China.

The CMS website design is an online brochure and enrolment form for a school that provides a program for graduates and young professionals to study Mandarin in Beijing, China.

It also provides interview training, work experience, management skills and personal development. The program gives their clients the international experience and skills to help them find jobs in highly competitive employment sectors.

The initial step of this project was to design the branding for Red Lantern Project itself which set the tone for the design of their CMS website design. From Sydney, brand designer, Percept, liaised with the client in China through all of the approval processes remotely without ever meeting face to face.

When it came to the website design agency recommending solutions, the content management system (CMS) was high on the client’s agenda as they wanted full control over all content with the ability to update it quickly and easily.

Obviously the website design agency, Percept, had to keep cultural influences in mind as the brand designer on this project. The CMS website design has a Chinese flavour which is balanced with a very clean, credible look and feel that you would expect from a reputable educational institution anywhere in the world.

The CMS website design is set up for intuitive navigation by the user with full focus on the quick, clear communication of information.

If you are interested in a website design agency with expertise as a brand designer for the Chinese market, Sydney digital design agency, Percept, would like to hear from you. Contact us today, so we can discuss your project and provide you with an obligation-free quote.