Website / Photo Shoot

Sydney bakery, Sunfield, engaged Percept for their photo shoot and website design project. The chosen concept shows aspirational, lifestyle imagery throughout the website design, which all came from a fun photo shoot we conducted with the client.

Case Study

Photo Shoot & Website Design

The Challenge

Sydney baked-goods manufacturer Sunfield, retail in many prominent Australian supermarkets and grocery stores, featuring products such as muffins, cakes, biscuits and doughnuts.

After Percept had successfully redesigned their label design and packaging, they asked us to come up with the creative and art direct a photo shoot and website design which would help raise awareness for their products and improve how their brand was perceived in the market.

The Solution

Having already refreshed their brand identity and the packaging design of their product range, we had a good feel for the brand. Following on from these projects, we’d already established a look and feel that was simple and wholesome, with a contemporary feel. Naturally, the photo shoot and website design continued the same aesthetic, but we were keen to capture more emotion with our art direction in an effort to engage with users.

The concept we developed revolves around the joy that these baked goods bring to consumers. As children are a high proportion of those consumers, then who better to sum-up the happiness that eating Sunfield products can bring to a family home. The client was thrilled with the idea as they believed it represented the essence of their brand.

Percept created a sitemap and a storyboard for each page, then carried out a photo shoot with select local talent to help bring the idea to life. The photo shoot was an enjoyable experience for all involved and the results show in the outcome. Each page of the new website design is clean, with a feature photo which captures the feelings of joy, fun and happiness that these baked-goods bring to family homes all over Australia.