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Sydney branding agency, Percept, create an energetic new brand of beverage in the iced tea category. This brand development project involved brand naming, creative branding and packaging design for a product range with a variety of refreshing flavours.

Case Study

Branding Agency for Brand Development / Brand Naming / Creative Branding / Packaging Design

The Challenge

Pans F&B approached Sydney branding agency Percept for a new brand development project that would launch their iced tea beverage range.

The brief for branding agency, Percept, was to develop the brand naming for the new product and come up with creative branding and packaging design. The solution was to be fun, adventurous and appealing to early adopters in a highly competitive beverage market.

The Solution

From the selection of creative options that branding agency, Percept, presented for the brand naming stage, Azori was selected for the new product range. It is a made up brand name that has a sense of being exotic, yet premium. It’s easy to pronounce, spell and remember which are key to a successful brand naming project.

The creative branding and  packaging design is fun and energetic. It is designed by branding agency, Percept, to stand out in display fridges and appeal to customers who are looking for refreshment on a warm summer’s day. The packaging design takes into account the shape of the bottle and the possible skewing of the label when it is applied as a shrink-sleeve.

Percept is a branding agency who focuses on client satisfaction. Meeting brief on this brand development project, the packaging design feels ’cool’ and unique enough to capture the eye and generate interest. Appealing to innovators and a younger, adventurous market, the packaging design breaks out of the traditional FMCG design language, instead following the style of packaging design that we sometimes see across the boutique beverage category.

The bright, fresh colours reflect the refreshing nature of the product and the quality of the beverage is evoked through pull-out claims, brand story, language and style.

If you are looking for a branding agency for a similar project, Percept have the expertise you require.