Divine Cosmetics

Packaging Design

Percept is a design agency that specialises in design branding. This made Percept the natural choice for the design branding on this cosmetics packaging design project.

Case Study

Design Branding for Cosmetics Packaging Design by Percept, the Design Agency

Divine Cosmetics specialise in natural skincare products. They chose to work with Percept, a design agency in Sydney (recognised as a Top Cosmetic Packaging Design Company on Design Rush), for their design branding and cosmetics packaging design. This was primarily because design agency, Percept, has a reputation and experience on similar cosmetics packaging design, design branding and label design projects.

Made in Australia, from the finest natural ingredients, the Divine Cosmetics range of skincare products are designed to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin.

Seeing as these are natural products, design agency, Percept, decided to keep the design branding very simple. Percept used lots of white space and a visual image that features across the whole product range of cosmetics packaging design. This image represented the pure essence of the products and their use of Australian essential oils.

The design branding is clear, and each product is colour coded so it is easy to distinguish between them when repeat purchasing.

When design agency, Percept, refreshed the branding and logo design, we decided to keep it fairly simple also so as to not detract from the overall impact of the cosmetics packaging design.

It was to enhance the product’s premium feel whilst alluding to the natural benefits of the cosmetics products.

Design agency, Percept, has received client reports of really positive feedback to their new cosmetics packaging design from their customers. The client was so happy with the end result that they have awarded design agency, Percept, more design branding and packaging design projects for their other brands and products.