Protein Xpress

Brand Naming & Packaging

After product naming for the Protein Xpress menu items, the design agency Percept were also asked to create new brand naming and packaging design for the franchise.

Case Study

Brand Naming & Packaging Design by the Design Agency, Percept

The Challenge

Protein Xpress is a new kiosk style franchise start-up company in the healthy beverage and snacks space. Their point of difference is the high quality protein content and low fat, nutrient rich, beverages with no added refined sugars. Sydney design agency, Percept Brand Design, were approached for brand naming and packaging design.

The project included product naming and menu board groupings based on the ingredients and their beneficial properties.

It was important that the product and brand naming would appeal to a wide target audience and help customers build an affinity with the Protein Xpress brand.

Packaging design for the smoothie cups and bowls that would stand out from the crowd in a saturated retail environment were also required from their chosen Sydney design agency, Percept.

The Solution

The brand naming process for the products consisted of design agency, Percept, defining various territories for the menu itself, theming items into various aspects of health and fitness. The result was a custom menu full of fun and unique names relating to fitness and wellbeing with three menu groupings: feel good fuel, lean & green, and no cheat treat. The brand naming for individual product items on the menu, such as ‘Strawberries & Clean’ and ‘Bulkin’ Berries’ show a witty take on gym lingo.

For the smoothie packaging design, two concepts were proposed for kids and adults. Both designs encouraged patrons to ‘join the smoothie revolution’. The kids cup utilised a dynamic background with illustrations and the adult cup features a bold typographic statement.

Percept is a design agency that loves these kinds of brand naming and packaging design projects. So please contact us if you’re looking to partner with a Sydney design agency for help with your project.