Packaging Designers

Percept are packaging designers in Sydney. We created new packaging design for Thermalife Cream, a topical pain reliever.

Case Study

Percept are Packaging Designers in Sydney

The Challenge

Percept was chosen as the packaging designers in Sydney to refresh the Thermalife packaging design.

The brief for packaging designers, Percept, was to improve its visibility on the shelf and promote its pain relief benefits.

Thermalife Cream is a topical pain reliever that contains a peptide active ingredient, which provides fast, effective relief for temporary muscular and arthritic pain. It is non-greasy, has minimal smell, and doesn’t contain heat-producing ingredients.

The client was looking for top packaging designers in Sydney, such as Percept, in order to capture all this visually summed up in the packaging design.

The Solution

Percept were the selected packaging designers for this project.

Packaging design agency, Percept, first conducted a brand audit to highlight trends and insights into the industry and determine opportunities as packaging designers that would help the product stand out from its competitors.

Following the findings, contemporary and clean packaging design was created by Percept, utilising bold type and illustrations to improve the product’s visibility on shelf in busy retail stores.

Packaging designers, Percept, chose soothing shades of blue cover the pack, with limited use of red used to highlight the benefits of the product. This colour palette clearly defines the product as belonging to the pain relief category but also sets it apart, by showing the affects of peptide technology.

Flowing shapes inspired by the layers of skin tissues create a sense of movement to show that the product will give you results by actively penetrating the skin quickly and effectively.

As top packaging designers in Sydney, Percept Brand Design placed emphasis on the branding to a create strong, trusted relationship with customers, also ensuring any future products will be well received and trusted. This is the case in their Active Gel product which uses a green colour palette.

Are you looking for packaging designers in Sydney? Look no further than Percept.