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Brand agency, Percept, were engaged for branding and graphic design services on this project. The Sydney Opera House Concert Series is a music event for NSW Government Department of Education and Training.

Case Study

Branding & Graphic Design by the Percept Brand Agency

NSW Government Department of Education and Training organise an annual musical called Concert Series. Brand agency, Percept, were chosen as the preferred supplier for branding and graphic design services for this music event.

The event sees school children from throughout New South Wales performing in The Sydney Opera House in disciplines from choral to instrumental.

Brand agency Percept, began the branding and graphic design project with the logo design. The logo was designed to capture the energy of the event as the brief requested that it be youthful, fun and dynamic.

When designing the Concert Series program, brand agency, Percept, managed to save money on the budget of this project by printing the internal pages in a single colour.

Rather than it looking like a cost saver, this tasteful graphic design feature enhanced the overall product. We decided on a full colour cover for branding recognition and sales appeal.

Invitations, certificates and tickets were also created by the Percept brand agency for this event.

Depending on their purpose, differing production techniques were applied to keep costs reasonable without sacrificing brand integrity.

As part of the branding and graphic design project, Percept implemented a variety of signage applications for this event. Of note were the huge banners that flanked the stage and the large format signage that graced The Sydney Opera House corso for the weeks leading up to and during the event.

If you could also imagine hundreds of children all dressed in the same T-shirt performing on stage in The Sydney Opera House. Simple branding and graphic design utilising just the icon from the logo on a black T-shirt made for quite a powerful effect in such a situation.

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