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Branding & packaging design as well as website design by Percept, creative agency Sydney, for sports industry muscle relief product.

Case Study

Branding & Packaging Design & Website Design by Percept, Creative Agency Sydney

The Challenge

Percept is a creative agency with expertise in branding, packaging design and website design.

Initially requiring a branding evolution to capture a new audience, CrampFix approached Percept, the creative agency Sydney, with this task which then flowed on to a full branding, packaging design and website design project. Their new branding is now strong, bold and simple, gaining in recognition and reputation in the competitive sports industry. As a result, their investment in a high quality creative agency, such as Percept, has paid dividends.

CrampFix provides muscle cramp relief to athletes, particularly those involved in competitive sports. The business had shifted focus from sports and medical to the sports and athlete market specifically, with visions to capture endorsements in the future. This was another reason to engage the qualified creative agency, Percept in Sydney.

The Solution

Creative agency, Percept, worked through the creative process of research, strategy, design, refinement, artwork and implementation. The result was a bold new brand design with crisp typography. The clean, green type representing the natural ingredients used in the product. The two arrows that form the ‘X’ indicate precision, focus and results, which are key values of the muscle relief product and brand positioning.

In conjunction with the new branding, by Percept, packaging design for the product was also developed. The concept was based around targeting pain points to keep you focused, while echoing the ‘X’ in the branding.

Strong colour blocking helps to define the branding and establish clear information hierarchy. As an experienced creative agency Sydney, Percept believe the arrow graphic device is instantly recognisable on shelf and draws attention to the CrampFix branding.

These graphic design elements were rolled out to the outer carton and website design. Further to this, Percept, creative agency Sydney, added edgy black and white imagery of athletes for impact and dynamism, cementing CrampFix’s position as a leading muscle relief product for competitive sports.

They’ve reported that this brand design, packaging design and website design project really helped shift the perceptions of their branding and now feel it has the strength and professionalism required to truly appeal to their desired market.

If you need branding services, Percept is the creative agency Sydney that can help you.