Catholic Healthcare


Brand agency, Percept, was engaged for this rebranding and communication design project by the Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit. The aim was to better represent their values and create an awareness campaign that would help intervene and prevent incidences of elder abuse.

Case Study

Rebranding & Communication Design

The Challenge

Brand agency, Percept, was selected from top brand agencies in Sydney for this rebranding project.

The rebranding brief for NSW Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit was to redefine their tone and style of communication design. The desired outcome was to help build awareness of the service to extend its reach.

This rebranding project by brand agency Percept, needed to connect with many audiences and present an established, trusted and professional social service that felt approachable, even though it’s a topic that is hard to talk about.

The Solution

After conducting a brand audit and reviewing the positioning of the social service for appropriate rebranding, brand agency, Percept, devised a brand strategy that is reflective of EAHRU’s organic, warm and approachable nature.

The look and feel of the rebranding reflects the core values of the service and the execution is symbolic, contemporary and flexible. The tree represents strength, protection and growth. The colours and shapes play on the idea of connected and vibrant communities.

A full-service brand agency, Percept offer far more than a logo design company. The rebranding was rolled out to a range of print, digital, outdoor and promotional visual communication design collateral. Percept is a brand agency that worked with EAHRU to create these marketing campaigns that would effectively connect with a wide variety of audiences because of our visual communication design expertise.

Elder Abuse is a challenging subject, and although rebranding may seem trivial, Percept is a brand agency that feels privileged to be able to assist this social service with their communication design in an effort to make a difference that will help intervene and prevent incidences of elder abuse.

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