Connecting past and future with an engaging new name and brand design for a telecommunication services provider.

Case Study

The Challenge

Enablis is the new name for a leading managed communication service provider who had previously been leveraging off the well-known UK telecommunication services provider, Azzurri Communications. Due to the growing disconnect with the UK company, it was time to relaunch under a new name. Sydney creative agency Percept were approached to help bring this vision to life by creating a new brand design system for Enablis.

The Solution

The Enablis brand represents a new beginning whilst keeping a connection to the past. The icon works as an arrow moving forward, representing the company’s eagerness to expand in the future and their ability to provide the perfect, customised, communications solution.

A personable, friendly touch comes across with the round font choice, showcasing the approachable nature of the company, attracting consumers to contact, connect and form a partnership with them.

The new brand design was rolled out across a variety of collateral including corporate stationery and a case study template. Standing apart from its competitors, the identity system features a distinct colour palette that resonates with the predominantly male audience base, and establishes the brand as a trusted partner in communication technology.