Incept Labs

Strategic Branding

Visual identity and strategic branding design for Sydney consultants Incept Labs. Percept were responsible for brand naming, logo development, communications and corporate brochure design.

Case Study

Consulting / Strategic Branding / Naming / Logo / Identity / Corporate Brochure / Strategic Design

Incept Labs are based in Sydney, offering strategic consultancy for large corporate companies. Sydney creative agency Percept were hired as their branding consultants, to help develop the visual identity and strategic branding for this new venture.

Percept began with brand naming and brainstorming, which eventually produced the outcome, Incept Labs.

We then progressed to the logo design and brand identity which visually represents the unique way in which these consultants work.

This was followed shortly after by their stationery and finally the corporate brochure design.

Strategic branding agency, Percept, were heavily involved in the strategic design and positioning of the company and developed a suitable creative strategy for their communication design. It was to connect with their target audience in an effective way, delivering appropriate messaging to achieve pre-determined responses.

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