Aust. Government

Logo Design / Brand Guidelines

Australian Government NCOS initiative logo design and brand guidelines for its usage by graphic designers all over Australia.

Case Study

Logo Design & Brand Guidelines

This logo design and brand guidelines were created for the Australian Government. Percept was one design agency shortlisted from their Creative and Digital Communication Panel for Graphic Design Services.

The National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) initiative now replaces the old Greenhouse Friendly scheme and it required a brand identity in the form of a logo that could be used by companies that have been proven to be carbon neutral and approved to use the logo.

Please note that Percept themselves have not been certified carbon neutral, we were just appointed by the Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency as the preferred graphic design supplier for the logo design which symbolises the initiative.

Percept were the successful design agency selected by this government department from a shortlist of four design agencies who were invited to participate in the paid pitch.

The competitive pitch took place in the first stage of the process for this logo design. Judged on the initial concepts presented, a direction and agency were picked to move on to phase two.

After emerging as the successful design provider, a selection of Percept’s logo concepts were chosen to be taken into the market research phase which we managed on behalf of the client. We carried out focus group sessions, with detailed reports on the findings. This process was used to provide feedback which was key in the development of the logo to ensure it communicated the intended messages.

Once the logo was approved, brand guidelines were developed to ensure it is correctly and consistently used by the third party graphic designers that certified companies use from all around Australia.

The usage guidelines help to uphold the integrity of the brand image for the NCOS logo and its certified participants who are approved to use it.