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Corporate identity design for a healthcare industry client. Including company naming, logo design, corporate stationery, brochure design and website design.

Case Study

Naming & Corporate Identity Design / Logo / Stationery / Brochure / Website

Understanding the importance of company naming and professional corporate identity design in the healthcare industry, Novadien, who are based in south-west Sydney, approached Percept to create their full corporate identity package.

Starting from scratch with the naming of the new company, Percept developed the unique and memorable name Novadien Healthcare. It represents the organisation who specialise in innovation in the healthcare sector.

The corporate identity design was then developed to create an appropriate image and represent the company values which are: professional, trustworthy, innovative, global, scientific, safe and clean.

The corporate identity design project centres around the logo design, which is fresh, yet corporate with a contemporary feel, incorporating a metaphoric symbol for innovation and safety.

The spread wings symbolise taking flight and moving to the future while providing cover, comfort and security. The bold uppercase font also creates a feeling of strength and trustworthiness.

We then rolled out this corporate identity design style to the stationery package, company website and product brochure. All these items work together, creating a very strong and professional naming and corporate identity design package which represents the company and its products well in the marketplace.



Naming & Corporate Identity Design

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